Hello!  My name is Ryan Hearn and I appreciate you finding and reading my new blog.  People who know me know that I am a sports guy who is interested in everything from baseball to basketball to hockey and beyond.  I played baseball and basketball in youth leagues when I was younger, but now I work at games for various teams and leagues.  This blog will highlight various aspects of basketball, given the time of year it is and the fact that we are approaching the NCAA Tournament.  This will not be the perspective of a player, but instead somebody who has now seen many games on various levels, including first-hand at the Division III level.  In the future, I hope to incorporate basketball and/or other sports into whatever I end up doing.  Beyond this introduction, the blog will consist of posts about recent happenings in basketball, such as the idea that men’s basketball might transition to four quarters like the women and the NBA.  I will talk about how I became interested in the topic, conduct an interview and explain how I am participating in the sport and might continue to in the future.


Official NCAA Website

Division III Basketball


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