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Developing An Interest

Developing An Interest

From when I was very young, it was pretty clear that I was a sports guy.  Both of my parents were athletes in various sports, therefore, it was likely that I would like athletics in some fashion.  Of course, simply because one’s parents do something does not mean that their kids are 100% likely to do the same thing.  However, I have always had an interest in all kinds of different sports, both college and professional.

What really sparked my interest in basketball happened when I was much younger.  Every year, around the first week or two in March, I would usually miss a few days of school and go to Rochester, NY to see part of my dad’s family.  Coincidentally, for several consecutive years, the Big East Tournament was during the same week!  Therefore, regardless of what we were doing, we always had the TV on with the Big East Tournament.  The league was extremely difficult and featured many good teams over the years (we would root for Notre Dame), which resulted in many captivating and close games that we watched.  After doing this once or twice, I began to look forward to the trip each year, and I felt it was special.  Not only was it fun being with family members that I did not see all that often, the Big East Tournament just added more fun to the trip as we saw who would be playing in March Madness.

Those experiences really helped to spark my interest in basketball.  From there, I followed collegiate basketball much more frequently and eventually rolled that into following professional basketball, namely the Celtics, as well.

A short time later, I started working at the games here at Keene State and have done so ever since.  Not only are the NBA and Division I fun to follow, but I also am a strong supporter of the quality of athletics across the Division III landscape.  Prior to working games at KSC, I attended some games as a fan, namely NCAA Tournament games that Keene hosted, that were extremely fun and featured an electric atmosphere.

The family trips to Rochester and going to those aforementioned games really spurred me into having more interest in basketball, which furthered the interest in sports I already had.